Requirements: Integrated Program in Humane Studies


The Integrated Program in Humane Studies (IPHS) concentration is an interdisciplinary program that integrates all four branches of a liberal arts education. We believe that asking and answering many of our big questions requires moving beyond boundaries and combining ideas and approaches from multiple disciplines.

The Curriculum

IPHS blends lectures, small seminars, and student-faculty tutorials alongside a fellow classmate or two. This unique approach to learning allows students to work closely with their professors. IPHS promotes a sense of community in which intellectual differences are respected and intellectual ties are strengthened.

Note: Completion of the first-year, introductory seminar in IPHS counts toward the IPHS Concentration and may also fulfill up to one (1) unit of diversification in humanities or social sciences.

More details are available in the IPHS Diversification Credits table.

Requirements for the Concentration

The concentration in IPHS requires four courses

The concentration consists of four IPHS courses followed by senior seminar, during which students pursue self-designed projects. IPHS 111Y-112Y counts as two courses toward the concentration. IPHS 484 Senior Research Seminar can be done as a junior with permission from the IPHS director. 

For one of the four core courses, students, in consultation with their IPHS advisor, may choose an elective drawn from outside the program. Typically, these courses are interdisciplinary offerings taught by faculty who teach or guest lecture in the program.