Student Records Maintained by the College

Admissions Office

Students' applications, secondary school reports/transcripts, letters of recommendation, SAT and ACT scores, and similar materials are maintained by the admissions office until an admission decision is reached. Letters of recommendation are destroyed, and applications and secondary school reports/transcripts of those accepted who decide to enroll are made available to professional staff in the student affairs division and the Office of the Registrar as electronic documents in the student's electronic student record.

Financial Aid Office

The financial aid office maintains correspondence dealing with loans, scholarships, and related topics. All materials except parents' confidential statements are available for inspection by the student.

Dean of Student Development

Admissions information forwarded by the admissions office forms the basis of these records. Besides correspondence with and about students, non-academic disciplinary records are maintained. The registrar routinely makes all student records available to the dean of student development. Upon graduation, the dean of student development's student folders are reviewed. Only summary records of activities, awards, honors, and related topics, are kept.

Registrar's Office

The registrar maintains the academic records of all students. Two types of academic records are kept: permanent and nonpermanent.

Permanent academic record

The permanent academic record includes the student's name, ID number, name of secondary school, date of Kenyon entry, date(s) of withdrawal and re-entry, major(s), minor(s), concentration(s), senior capstone completion, College degree and date granted, any credit for advanced placement tests and/or courses from other institutions accepted as transfer, and Kenyon courses, grades, credits, and quality points, as well as semester and cumulative averages.

  • Recording of suspensions and dismissals on academic records. The following policies govern the recording of suspensions and dismissals on the student's permanent academic record:
    • Suspensions for disciplinary, social, or academic infractions are recorded on the student's permanent academic record as "Suspended: date." If the student is the subject of a student conduct proceeding, but voluntarily withdraws from Kenyon before completion of the judicial process, "Date of withdrawal: date  Institutional Action Pending" will appear on the student's transcript. Similarly if the student is the subject of an Academic Infractions Board (AIB) process, but voluntarily withdraws from Kenyon before completion of the AIB process, "Date of withdrawal: date Institutional Action Pending" will appear on the student's transcript. 
    • If a student is dismissed for disciplinary, social, or academic infractions, the student's transcript will indicate "Dismissed: date." If a student is suspended or dismissed for disciplinary, social, or academic infractions during a semester, the sanction will be enacted immediately following the expiration of the appeal deadline, and no grades will be issued for that semester. "In Progress" courses will read "NG" (no grade) on the student's transcript, and there will be no opportunity to negotiate incomplete grades or complete these courses.
    • Kenyon's Title IX and Intimate Partner policy requires that an adjudicated sanction goes into effect as soon as the student is notified of the sanction. Therefore, the Title IX Coordinator will immediately notify the registrar of any suspension or dismissal determinations, including the date the sanction was imposed. The registrar will immediately enter the notation on the student's transcript. The student may opt to appeal the decision. Should the student's appeal be successful,  the Title IX coordinator will notify the registrar of the change. The notation will be removed.
  • If a student is academically suspended from Kenyon because of substandard academic performance, the student's transcript will indicate "Date of withdrawal: date."

Nonpermanent academic record

While the student is enrolled, an electronic folder containing correspondence with and about the student as well as forms submitted by the student is maintained. Such records may be destroyed after the student has graduated or withdrawn.

Reproduction of Records

All requests for transcripts should be addressed to the Office of the Registrar and must be authorized by the student (or former student) by their signature. There is a per copy cost for transcripts supplied by the College. Transcripts are not provided for those who have overdue financial obligations to the College.

NOTE: The unauthorized altering of an academic record is a crime punishable by law. Students or graduates who fail to respect and maintain the integrity of their academic record, or copies thereof, will be prosecuted. The College reserves the right to limit or discontinue transcript service for such individuals.

Other records
When copies of other records are provided, a charge will be assessed at the rate of one dollar per page. Federal law prohibits the College from providing copies of transcripts from secondary schools and other colleges or universities.

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