We’re all on a quest to understand more about life—and so we write. We write about unrequited love, the Civil War, superorganisms, penalty kicks, global warming, bluebird feathers, Arab literature, anime, nuclear waste, neurotransmitters, game theory, Black Arts, modern democracies, LGBTQ+ cinema and more. We write not only to share our views, we write to be part of the solution.

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Alumnae Elliott Holt '97 and Yohanca Delgado '06 are two of 35 writers to win Creative Writing Fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts for their work in prose, a prestigious award whose past recipients have gone on to win the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award.

It's not unusual for Kenyon alumni to make repeat appearances on The New York Times’ bestseller lists or find success in the publishing industry. Explore new releases from members of the Kenyon community.

“Dancing in the Light”

I wasn’t accustomed to the moon being bright enough to light up the world and cast vivid shadows. On an average clear night back home, the sky was virtually vacant, and was stained with the off-color orange of downtown’s constant pollution. But on top of that hill, the sky was wide and open, and we watched as the moon crawled.

Daniel Weiss '24 Anthropology major, River Forest, Illinois

“Beethoven’s Diving Board”

The piano is in the center of the house, and sitting down to play feels like jumping off a diving board: jittery and exposed, but the enclosing oblivion of the deep-end waiting just one leap away. All I want to do is dive into the irrelevance of a long dead German and the expansive songs he heard in his head. Nothing, these days, is more attractive to me than the anachronism of Beethoven, his complete ignorance of pandemic or apocalypse.

Fiona Ellsworth ’20 English Washington, D.C.