You might not expect to find such a wide array of arts and culture offerings in an off-the-beaten-path setting like Gambier, Ohio. But make no mistake: the world comes to our campus via an abundance of world-class lectures, film screenings, concerts, art exhibitions and other cultural activities throughout the year. And Kenyon students are more than a captive audience — they serve as engaged and active participants in the planning and execution of many of our spirited events.

"The conundrum of a writer’s life, particularly that of a poet, is learning to embody a paradox. One has to be fierce and tender at the same time, loud and quiet, brash and introspective."

Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Rita Dove
  • 40The average number of theatrical productions held on campus every year.

  • 13instrumental groups perform each semester, including the Sundanese gamelan degung ensemble.

  • 8student a capella groups warble regularly on campus—some tour during winter and spring breaks.

  • 70The average number of artworks in the Gund Gallery art loan program that students live with each semester.