From summer programs to year-round projects, students collaborate with faculty experts on research opportunities that hold the potential to change the world.

“The most fascinating thing about research is coming closer to understanding why some things are the way we are. But at Kenyon, we take this a step further, because we say, you have found this, how now do you best communicate it?”

Ubongabasi Asuquo ’23
  • Anu Muppirala with zebrafish tank in lab

    Science Communicator

    Neuroscience major Anu Muppirala ’19 combined her experience studying zebrafish at Kenyon with her interest in science writing, and successfully applied for a coveted NSF Graduate Research Fellowship — a rare achievement for an undergrad. She’s now pursuing her doctorate at Harvard University.

  • Rachel Nguyen talks to Professor Tom Giblin at computer in office

    Birth of the Universe

    The Clare Boothe Luce Undergraduate Research Program, focused on women in STEM, helped physics major Rachel Nguyen ’19 connect with Professor Tom Giblin to study the origins of the universe — resulting in publication in a top physics journal. She’s pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Illinois.

  • David Anderson with mosquitoes in lab

    Insect Investigator

    Biology major David Anderson ’19 started his pre-med track at Kenyon as a KEEP scholar. With Professor Chris Gillen, he researched how to eradicate mosquitoes that carry diseases like malaria, yellow fever and the Zika virus, putting him on a path to continued post-graduate medical research.

  • Delaney Barker laughs at stand-up microphone

    Law and Laughter

    A political science major, stand-up comedian (who once introduced comic Tig Notaro on campus) and president of Kenyon’s Student Council, Delaney Barker ’20 conducted Summer Legal Scholars research with Professor Ric Sheffield. She's now studying civil rights law at Harvard Law School.

Summer Research Opportunities

Research takes center stage during the summer months at Kenyon—more than 75 students take part in research projects covering the natural sciences, humanities, social sciences and fine arts.

Summer Scholars team up with faculty mentors during the summer months to work on projects focused on the social sciences and humanities. The fellowship awards $4,000 per student plus on-campus housing. The Summer Scholars program is funded by Kenyon and a grant from the Beulah Kahler Foundation. More about the Summer Scholars Program

Supported in part by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, this program brings students and faculty together to perform community-focused research. Students selected for these competitive awards receive a $4,000 stipend, summer housing and up to $500 in funds for research materials and supplies. More about the Community-Engaged Summer Scholars Program

The CSAD Democracy Scholars Program provides opportunities for students to work in close collaboration with faculty members as full participants on a fundamental question, text or theme of American liberal democracy. The Program is supported by the Class of 1978 Summer Research Fund and the Pamela K. Jensen Faculty Research Fund endowments for the Center for the Study of American Democracy. More about the CSAD Democracy Scholars Program

The John W. Adams Summer Scholars Program in Socio-Legal Studies supports the design and execution of original law-related research. Students selected for this program receive stipends, summer housing allowances and funds for research materials and supplies. More about the Summer Legal Scholars Program

More than 30 student-faculty pairs spend up to 10 weeks in the summer to delve into research projects in the fields of archaeology, biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics and psychology. Science scholars present their findings to the public at a research poster session during Family Weekend in October. More about the Summer Science Scholars Program

This summer research program is designed for first-year and second-year students who have no previous research experience. Twelve scholars are funded by a grant from the Sherman Fairchild Foundation, which supports projects in biology, chemistry, neuroscience and physics. Other projects in the fields of anthropology, mathematics and psychology are funded by Kenyon. More about the Kenyon Cascade Scholars Program

Six qualified undergraduate students are selected each year for this highly competitive 10-week summer research project at the James Cancer Center. Scholars participate in groundbreaking studies and methods to advance cancer research, such as exploring strategies for metastatic cancer treatment and optimizing clinical management decisions for patients with gallbladder cancer. More about Kenyon/OSU/Pelotonia Cancer Research Scholars Program

The Ohio State University and the Five Colleges of Ohio co-sponsor 20 paid summer research internships in biochemistry, chemistry, mathematics, physics and statistics. The 10-week program partners interns from Kenyon, Wooster, Denison, Oberlin College and Ohio Wesleyan with Ohio State University faculty members to create and execute a research project, then present results in a public forum. More about the Ohio 5/OSU Research Scholars Program

The Rise Science Fellowships provides opportunities for Kenyon students who already have research experience to conduct off-campus projects in the fields of biology, chemistry, neuroscience during the summer months. Rise Science Fellows present their results to the Kenyon community during Family Weekend in October. More about the Rise Science Fellowship

The Hoskins Frame Summer Science Writing Scholars program supports student writers who wish to communicate artfully and with precision about science, with the goal of deepening our understanding of the natural world and our place in it. Science Writing Scholars develop writing projects in diverse genres through close interactions with active research groups in Kenyon’s Summer Science Scholars program and with the Office of Communications. More about the Summer Science Writing Scholars Program

The Kenyon Farm Fellow program provides opportunities for students interested in research or scholarship related to the Kenyon Farm or agriculture. Selected fellows will work in close collaboration with a faculty mentor on a project proposed by that mentor. Project proposals may be submitted by any faculty member regardless of department. More about the Farm Fellow Program

The Kenyon Sustainability Scholars program provides opportunities for students interested in research or scholarship related to climate change or sustainability. Selected scholars will work in close collaboration with a faculty mentor on a project proposed by that mentor.  Project proposals may be submitted by any faculty member regardless of department. More about the Sustainability Scholars Program

Goldwater Power

Kenyon News

Kenyon consistently produces Goldwater Scholars, the premier award for undergraduate research in the sciences.