We think, therefore we write.

Kenyon students have a lot to say, so they write — with imagination, thoughtfulness and care. Read their takes on what it’s like to live and learn in Gambier, Ohio, and learn more about writing at Kenyon.

The sprawling fields and open sky are the ‘almost there’ of Kenyon.

Emma Sniegowski ’18 French, Chinese and international studies major, Philadelphia

“By the end of my first week at Kenyon, I had mastered the art of the Middle Path wave.

Oliver Pearson ’22 English major, Los Angeles

Two Astronomy Nerds

It was a supermoon night, the kind astronomy nerds long for. I had an exam the next day and my nose in a biology textbook when this strawberry blonde girl asked if anyone knew how to get to the observatory. It's a through-the-woods kind of things, but I did, in fact, know how to get there. We hiked with phone flashlights along two trails and to the top of the hill. Looking at our moonlit shadows, we sat silent. Heading back, we got lost, and I traded a leaf for her number.

Ethan Bradley Neuroscience St. Louis, Missouri

A Lesson in Taxidermy

I’m struck with my first real twinge of sadness, and I have to stop my inspection a moment. We are — were — in the same phase of life, two girls on the precipice of adulthood. She, a fierce predator swooping over golden farm fields under the wide Midwestern sky; me, a budding scientist working in her first research lab. It’s pure serendipity that she is my first specimen, though it feels almost like fate. But that isn’t a very scientific way of thinking.

Sarah Jean McPeek ’19 Biology Hanover, New Hampshire


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