We think, therefore we write.

Kenyon students have a lot to say, so they write — with creativity and care. From the first time they crest our hilltop campus to their last, nostalgic trip down Middle Path, here are their perspectives on living and learning in Gambier, Ohio.

The sprawling fields and open sky are the ‘almost there’ of Kenyon.

Emma Sniegowski ’18 French, Chinese and international studies major, Philadelphia, "My First Visit to Kenyon"

I was en route to the library to do some homework, when I stopped to chat with a friend of mine on Middle Path. A chat turned into a conversation turned into a two-hour-long discussion. I never made it to the library.

Daniel Weiss '24 Anthropology major, Evanston, Illinois,  "Dancing in the Light"

I can talk openly with a Kenyon professor. I feel like a sponge, ready to soak up all the knowledge that seeps out of the conversations. As I put together my words, I can tell that I am starting to understand the course material more.

Caleb Newman ’24 Political science and sociology major, Arlington, Virginia,  "The Spontaneous Conversations of SOC(YAK)"

If gratitude became an image, it would look like a house-full of people I love living under one roof.  How the heck did I get so lucky?

Coco Liu '22 Economics and psychology double major, Cleveland, Ohio, "Moments of Laughter and Gratitude"

“College has been four years of twists and turns in what I thought would be a journey of straight arrows. I found myself unable to savor each moment while attempting to fulfill a predetermined to-do list ... so I let that plan go.

Jodi-Ann Wang '20 International studies major, Vancouver, Canada, "To My Kenyon Professor"

In Their Own Words

Take a peek into the lives of students who call Kenyon home, and see how they're crafting their own college experiences.


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