We’re so glad you’ve chosen Kenyon. Like you, each and every one of us has made the decision to be at Kenyon, converging from every region of the country and corner of the globe to live and learn together. As our newest members, you are a vital part of our community, and we’re eager to help you thrive throughout your first year and beyond.

Countdown to Your Arrival

The weeks and months before you arrive in Gambier will be an exciting, busy time. We know you and your family will have lots of questions about what to expect and how to prepare for the year ahead. Kenyon’s first-year experience team will keep you connected throughout the spring and summer, here on this site and by email.

Welcome Home

You are already part of the Kenyon community, and we hope Gambier begins to feel like home starting with Orientation. We’ll have more details about Orientation for you in July. For now, mark your calendar for move-in day on Saturday, Aug. 21.

Beyond Orientation

We know your transition to Kenyon does not end on the first day of class. Throughout the year the first-year experience team will help you stay connected and informed about student organizations, resources for support, course registration, housing selection for sophomore year and more.

Inside Views

Everyone’s first-year experience is a little different, but most students will tell you that they benefited from the guidance they received from their faculty, Kenyon staff and older peers. Consider this collection a taste of conversations to come.

  • At Kenyon, everyone picks up their mail from the Gambier post office. Ethan Bradley ’20 writes a letter to the student who will inherit his P.O. Box.

    By Ethan Bradley ’20
  • It’s always been true: Dropping in for a chat with Kenyon’s friendly and accessible faculty is one of the best ways to set yourself up for success (and get some dog love).

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    Most first-years get to share a room with another member of their class. Mary Angela Ricotta ’20 shared her Norton Hall single with a couple of fish.

First-Year Experience

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