All rooms come with the following items ready for move-in: extra-long twin bed (height adjustable and can be lofted), desk and chair, wardrobe, dresser, trash can, window blinds or curtains, permanent overhead light fixture. College furniture should not be removed from rooms.

Pack It

  • Twin XL sheets, pillow, pillow case, Twin XL blanket or comforter.

  • All-purpose wardrobe. The weather in Gambier hits all four seasons (sometimes in the same week!). Winter shoes or boots with good traction, rain boots, scarf, hat, gloves, winter coat, and umbrella are all recommended. Don’t forget hangers for your clothes and other clothes storage, based on your preferences.

  • A waterproof backpack is always a good idea, you never know when you might get caught in the rain between classes!

  • Bathroom and health supplies, such as a small first aid kit, bathroom caddy, toiletries, shower shoes (such as flip flops), towels, prescription medications, glasses and contacts (and some extras just in case). 

  • For laundry you should bring a laundry bag or basket and detergent. Laundry machines on campus take both quarters or can be swiped with K-Cards.

  • Things to help you study. Surge protector (not just a power strip), small desk or reading lamp (non-halogen), laptop computer, laptop and phone chargers, pens, pencils, highlights, sticky-notes, and notebooks.

  • Basic cleaning supplies, such as cleaning wipes, air fresheners, and paper towels are recommended. 

  • A small selection of eating utensils will be a good addition to your space. A few microwave safe plates, bowls, and mugs, a reusable water bottle and hot beverage thermos, food storage containers or sealable bags to keep snacks fresh and deter pests, dish soap, and a sponge should cover it.

  • Other useful items, such as a flashlight, sturdy keychain, ear plugs, small tool kit, small sewing kit, flash drive, and a small electric fan are good ideas.

  • Plan on working on or off campus? Visit this website to determine which documentation for employers you need to bring with you.

Personal Computer Information

While Kenyon students are not required to bring a computer to campus, it is strongly recommended. Generally, any Mac or Windows laptop that is three years old or newer will be sufficient to start your Kenyon career. We do not recommend only bringing a Chromebook or tablet like an iPad; these devices have too many limitations. Kenyon offers options to assist students with short term or long term needs for temporary loaner computers. If you have questions about internet access, approved software, and general connection information, please contact LBIS.

Maybe Bring

Some items are commonly shared between roommates, so each individual doesn’t need to bring one. We suggested speaking with your roommate(s) first and deciding if you want the following things and if they will be shared. 

Not all rooms are carpeted. If your room is, bring a small vacuum. If your room is tiled, bring a broom. If you would like to bring a rug, check the room dimensions of your room first. Room dimensions can be found on the linked web pages for each residential hall.

Microwave at or under 900 watts. Refrigerator no larger than 4.8 cubic feet. Both of these items can be purchased locally or rented from

  • As you are setting up your room, be mindful to not damage the walls or strip the paint. Gentle tape (such as painter’s tape) and sticky tack are suggested over Command or 3M hooks.

  • If you plan to bring a bike to campus, make sure to bring a helmet and U-bolt style lock. You will need to register your bike with Campus Safety upon arrival.

Leave It

  • Air conditioners or other large appliances that draw 110 volts or more.

  • Candles, incense, fireworks.

  • Toasters, hot plates, toaster ovens, griddles or indoor-style grills, or other appliances with open coils or exposed heating elements.

  • Hoverboards.

  • Unapproved animals. Fish contained in a tank of ten gallons or less are permitted. 

  • Firearms, including air guns, weapons of any sort, knives.

  • Halogen lamps

  • Propane grills and propane tanks, or any other combustible liquids or gasses. Rentals

In addition to loft rentals, Kenyon partners with to rent micro-fridges to students. The eco-friendly unit has 2.9 cubic feet total storage capacity, including a freezer and a 600-watt microwave. Students may pre-order their micro-fridge and have it delivered before move-in day.