One phenomenal teacher can change your life. Kenyon is home to more than 200 engaged and dedicated professors who devote their full attention to their students—even long after graduation. Kenyon faculty go above and beyond to be more than just partners in learning and inquiry—they make the time to genuinely know you, to help shape your future.

  • Professor Ira Sukrungruang

    Creative Expressionist

    “I think writers are obsessive creatures,” says Ira Sukrungruang, the professor of creative writing who channels his obsessions into invigorating the literary life of Kenyon.

  • Economic Experimenter

    How much is social media really worth? To find out, economist Jay Corrigan ponied up and paid Kenyon students real money to give up their Facebook accounts.

  • Justice Seeker

    Political scientist Jackie McAllister doesn’t quite hunt down war criminals, but she does study how international tribunals can reduce violence and promote peace.

  • Jon Tazewell

    Feature Filmmaker

    Jon Tazewell ’84 directed the first full-length film produced by Kenyon’s film department, the timely and stirring college-set drama “Gotta Get Down To It.”

  • AI Wizard

    Could self-driving cars decide which lives to save in an accident? Does social media make people angry on purpose? Kate Elkins explores the clash of tech and humanity.

  • Neanderthal Defender

    Anthropologist Bruce Hardy is a friend to our much maligned ancient relatives. His cutting-edge research proves they were more than dull, hairy, stooped savages.

  • Maddie Wade

    Universe Explorer

    Associate Professor of Physics Madeline Wade, winner of a prestigious NSF CAREER grant, helps the LIGO Scientific Collaboration unlock the mysteries of spacetime.   

Thought leaders, inspired minds

Kenyon faculty members are authors, artists and researchers immersed in scholarly and creative projects.

  • 200+
    full-time professors
  • 99%
    hold a Ph.D. or terminal degree in their field
  • 100%
    of courses are taught by professors
  • 10:1
    student-to-faculty ratio