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Our choice to join the Kenyon community says a lot about us — what we value (collaborative inquiry and human connection) and how we express ourselves (with intellectual fearlessness and humility). Here are some of the meaningful ways in which that translates to our work in the world. 

Nadia Reiman appears on computer screen alongside Ira Glass Article has related audio Running time: 55:02

The Kenyon Review speaks to Nadia Reiman ’05, who produced an episode of “This American Life” that received the first Pulitzer Prize for audio reporting.


Leading the Conversation

  • As an executive producer of an Oscar-winning short documentary, Ruby Schiff ’21 brought global attention to the lack of education surrounding menstruation in a rural Indian village.

  • Sarah Longwell

    Connecting with Voters 

    In the News The Atlantic

    Political strategist Sarah Longwell ’02 conducts focus groups with Americans who “don’t know what to believe” in order to chart [a course toward] a more productive political future.

  • ‘Joy is a Radical Act’ 

    In the News The New York Times

    Immigration activist Marco Saavedra ’11 made national headlines as his own asylum case was heard before a federal judge.


In the Halls of Power

Kenyon Alumni Magazine

One of the top photojournalists in D.C., Erin Schaff '11 gets an up-close, personal look at America’s leading political figures. Read the stories behind her headline-making images.


“I believe a commitment to the cause means that I need to take the risk.” 

Leopoldo López ’93
Venezuelan opposition leader


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