Katherine Elkins is director of the Integrated Program in Humane Studies and co-director of the KDH Collaboratory. She teaches and writes about consciousness, aesthetic experience, language, and storytelling. 

Over the past ten years she and her collaborator, Jon Chun, have developed news ways of bringing computation and Big Data to the humanities and social sciences. Courses focus on natural language processing and natural language generation, as well as the ethical challenges of artificial intelligence, which holds increasing power over our daily lives. 

Her books include "Proust's 'In Search of Lost Time:' Philosophical Perspectives" (Oxford UP) and "The Shapes of Stories: Sentiment Analysis for Narrative" (Cambridge UP). In the latter she demonstrates how to leverage the latest AI to explore the unique shape of a story. 

Areas of Expertise

Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy and Literature, Digital Humanities


2002 — Doctor of Philosophy from Univ. of California Berkeley

1990 — Bachelor of Arts from Yale University

Courses Recently Taught