Studying IPHS at Kenyon

As a student in Kenyon’s oldest interdisciplinary program, you will explore how different cultures have answered life’s fundamental questions. What makes a good life? How do we live in a community? Why do we have art? What defines our humanity? You will consider these questions from multiple perspectives, studying with faculty from across the curriculum.

Explore human ideas, creations and inventions that have defined our present.

Classes in the Integrated Program in Humane Studies are for those who won’t settle for either/or and who are not content with a single perspective. The program’s first-year course explores human ideas, creations and inventions that have defined our present, from the origins of poetry and philosophy to the foundations of computer science.

Focus on real-world challenges.

Later courses dive more deeply into our present and even our future. Can we program our humanity into our inventions or will we be shaped irrevocably by our tools? Can AI know us better than ourselves and offer a mirror onto our very nature? By the end of the concentration, students will have a digital portfolio of hands-on projects that focus on real-world challenges. Concentrators have the opportunity to join the KDH lab and be part of a collaborative multi-disciplinary team engaged in cutting-edge research. 

Digital Humanities at Kenyon

Identify new avenues of research using unexplored datasets of text, image and sound, and embrace new computational frameworks that are increasingly powerful and easy to use. Students interested in digital humanities are encouraged to take the introductory course "Programming Humanity." Advanced courses include "A.I. for the Humanities."

Faculty Spotlight

Professor of Humanities and Comparative Literature Katherine Elkins recently participated in a conversation for the Al Jazeera's program "The Stream" that explored the question "Is AI better at making art than humans?"

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