Digital humanities at Kenyon encompasses a dual lens. We empower the next generation of thinkers with the conceptual framework underlying our Age of Information — from dataism and algorithmic thinking to synthetic biology and artificial intelligence. Our unique approach to computational thinking positions students to engage with the many practical, theoretical and ethical issues surrounding technological innovation and social change.

Digital humanities also explores the most recent computational approaches as a way to augment — rather than replace — more traditional humanist inquiry. Students imagine and pursue new avenues of research by identifying unexplored datasets of text, image and sound, while embracing new computational frameworks that are increasingly powerful and easy to use. We focus on finding interdisciplinary solutions to today's challenges.

Students interested in digital humanities are encouraged to start with our introductory course, "Programming Humanity." Advanced courses include "A.I. for the Humanities." All digital humanities courses are project-based, and students will have a portfolio of innovative projects by the end of their course of study.

KDH Open Lab Event

Kenyon hosted a presentation and roundtable on Jan. 17 that focused on ChatGPT and AI art — how it works, where it's going and what it means for the future. Featuring faculty members Katherine Elkins and Jon Chun and a panel of student researchers, the event can be watched on Vimeo.

Faculty Spotlight

Professor of Humanities and Comparative Literature Katherine Elkins recently participated in a conversation for the Al Jazeera's program "The Stream" that explored the question "Is AI better at making art than humans?"

Student Research

Through their digital humanities coursework, Kenyon students explore a wide range of subjects from popular sitcoms to U.N. speeches to COVID-19.

{K}DH Virtual Colab

Students who have taken at least two digital humanities courses are invited to apply to become Digital Humanities Research Fellows with our {K}DH Colab.

Katherine Elkins

Professor of Comparative Literature and Humanities
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Jon Chun

Visiting Instructor of Humanities
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