{K}DH is the virtual Digital Humanities Colab at Kenyon College. Students and faculty work side by side to explore new computational approaches and create innovative research projects.

The 2019-2020 project centered on developing an interactive website that graphs emotional arc in narrative using the latest sentiment analysis techniques. 

Over the course of the academic year, student Digital Humanities Research Fellows will work alongside faculty to hone computational methods, create an interactive website, and seed the website with sample narratives. As a public digital humanities project, the goal is to make sentiment analysis easy and accessible to a wide audience of students and scholars interested in storytelling, narrative, and emotion.

The lead faculty researchers are Katherine Elkins, Jon Chun, Jesse Matz, Matthew Suazo and Kathleen Fernando.

Digital Humanities Research Fellows

Fellows work alongside faculty on the {K}DH virtual collaboratory project exploring emotional arc in narrative. 

Students who have taken at least two digital humanities courses at Kenyon are invited to apply to become Digital Humanities Research Fellows. Contact Professor Kate Elkins at elkinsk@kenyon.edu for details.

Kenyon alum DH Fellows: Olivia Frey and Miles Shebar

Upcoming Events

Can AI (GPT-3) Pass a Writer’s Turing Test? Find out at our first Sunday afternoon {K}DH lab talk of the year on Sept. 20 at 4 p.m. Join with Google Meet.

You may have seen the recent media hype surrounding the release of OpenAI’s GPT-3. Students and faculty at Kenyon have been experimenting with its earlier version, GPT-2, since its release in February 2019. Come hear about our experiments and discoveries. Those interested in taking a deeper dive can check out our article in this month’s Cultural Analytics (appearing Sept. 16).

All {K}DH lab talks are open to the Kenyon community. 

More upcoming talks this year include:

  • AI in the Writer's Room
    A reprise of a workshop for OSU’s Humanities and Cognitive Science Summer Institute. This is hands-on and interactive.
  • AI Improv Theater
    Learn about our AI experimental theater project and talk to our Divabot, coded/created by Jon Chun and based on the new transformer model of AI language generation. This talk is sponsored with a generous grant from Denison University.
  • The Shape of Stories
    A sneak peak into the research behind our forthcoming book in the Cambridge Elements Digital Literary Studies series.

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