Most residence hall rooms include a single Twin XL bed (36" x 80" — extra long sheets required), desk, chair, wastebasket, wardrobe and dresser for each occupant. 

Bed height is somewhat adjustable (12" to 28"). Bed lofting is available through bedloft.com. Students may pre-order their beds to be lofted before move-in day to make their transition to campus smoother. 

Please note that it is against College policy to have large appliances (including air conditioning units) because the electrical outlets cannot support them.


Most residence halls have laundry facilities located in the basement. Washers are $2.25 per load and dryers are $1.50 per 45 minutes.

Common Areas

Most residence halls contain at least two lounges — a space for larger gatherings and a space for smaller gatherings and meetings.

Recommended Items to Bring

  • Reading lamp (halogen lamps are not permitted)
  • Storage bins for under bed (less than 12")
  • Shower caddy
  • Quarters for laundry, or money can be deposited on your K-card
  • Fan
  • Vacuum
  • Micro-fridge
    • Kenyon also partners with bedloft.com to rent micro-fridges to students. The eco-friendly unit has 2.9 cubic feet total storage capacity, including a freezer and a 600-watt microwave. Students may pre-order their micro-fridge and have it delivered before move-in day.

Bedloft Details

Kenyon partners with bedloft.com to provide rental microwave/refrigerator combination units and loft beds. The microwave/refrigerator combination unit is a one-of-a-kind unit that includes a refrigerator, true freezer and microwave. Loft beds are an easy and affordable way to create additional living space. Many students consider them must-have items. Order before August 1 to save $20 and have your items delivered and assembled in your room before move-in day. For product details, photos, pricing and to place an order, please visit bedloft.com.

Looking for more detailed advice? Check out our list of recommended items to pack for Kenyon.