Academic Administration

The following members of Kenyon oversee the administration of the College curriculum and assist students in forming individual curricula as they progress through Kenyon.

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The provost is the College officer in charge of all academic affairs. The provost's responsibilities include matters pertaining to the faculty, curriculum, instruction, academic records, and academic facilities. Students may consult the provost on policies in these areas. The provost's office is located in Bailey House.

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The associate provosts assist the provost with a wide range of matters relating to the faculty, curriculum, and teaching. They supervise the Office of International Education, the educational outreach program, grade appeals, synoptic majors, faculty reviews, the Writing Center, summer science scholars, early-graduation petitions, and the Academic Infractions Board. Their offices are located in Bailey House.

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The Dean for Academic Advising and Support is responsible for academic advising for students across class years. The dean collaborates with various campus units on programs and initiatives that will empower students to access information and resources in order to make informed decisions. The dean provides counsel to students on academic, social, and personal matters, directing students to additional resources on and/or off campus as appropriate. Most importantly, the dean supports faculty and students in developing meaningful and effective faculty-student advising relationships.

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The registrar maintains the academic records of Kenyon and publishes the Kenyon College Catalog and other enrollment information. The registrar's office should be contacted on matters such as the following:

  • Accessing grades
  • Course enrollment
  • Course schedule
  • Classroom assignments
  • Deadlines
  • Declaration or change of major, minor, or concentration
  • Diplomas
  • Enrollment verifications
  • Examination schedules
  • Graduation requirements
  • Petitions
  • Summer school credit
  • Transcript requests
  • Transfer of credit

Petitions for waivers or substitutions of the academic policies of the College should be directed to the registrar for consideration by the petitions subcommittee of the academic standards committee. Advice on preparing a petition may be sought from the dean for academic advising, or the student's faculty advisor.

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New students are assigned a faculty advisor to assist in designing their programs of study, including curricular planning and postcollegiate plans. The faculty advisor also supports students' personal  development and welfare by directing them to appropriate campus resources.

When a student declares a major course of study within a department or program, they request a faculty member from that department or program to serve as faculty advisor. Forms for declaring a major are available from the Office of the Registrar.

If students wish to change their faculty advisor before they are ready to declare a major, change of advisor forms are available from the registrar's office. The signature--physical or electronic-- of the faculty advisor must be obtained before a student can enroll in a course or make any further adjustments to their class schedule.

New students are also assigned a volunteer upperclass student who works as a liaison with the students, their faculty advisors and the New Student Programs Office. The upperclass students help new students become acquainted with Kenyon and are available to provide assistance throughout Orientation.

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