Course Enrollment and Schedule Change Procedures

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Normally students enroll in 2.00 units/16 semester hours of credit each semester. A student must enroll in a minimum of 4.00 units/32 semester hours of credit each academic year, up to a maximum of 5.00 units/40 semester hours. In any semester, a student may enroll in a minimum of 1.75 units/14 semester hours so long as the minimum enrollment for the year is satisfied. A student may register for a maximum of 2.50 units/20 semester hours of credit in a semester. Seniors may register for as few as 1.50 units/12 semester hours either semester, so long as they register for 3.50 units/28 semester hours for the year and will have earned the necessary 16.00 units/128 semester hours for graduation. 

Summer units earned by completing courses at Kenyon during the summer prior to the first year (i.e. KEEP program, STEM program) apply to the minimum enrollment of 4.00 units/32 semester hours for the first year. However, any student receiving these summer units will be expected to meet the minimum enrollment of 1.75 units/14 semester hours in each academic semester (i.e., fall, spring).

Students who fail to meet this requirement will find the notation "Underenrolled: Below minimum units for the year/term" on their academic record.

A student must be enrolled in at least 0.50 unit/4 semester hours of credit in at least two departments in every semester until the student has earned 9.00/72 or more units/semester hours outside the major department; or, if there is more than one discipline in the department, the student must earn 7.00/56 or more units/semester hours outside the major department as well as 9.00/72 or more units/credits outside the major discipline (a discipline is a traditional area of academic study). Any of the interdisciplinary courses do serve as a "department" in this regard. Please note that one may not register for, for example, two French courses and two Spanish courses, as these are in the same department. The same would be true for studio art and art history courses.

Students who fail to meet this requirement will find the notation "Irregularly enrolled: Enrolled in only one dept" on their academic record.

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During the first seven class days of each semester, the drop/add period, students may come to the Office of the Registrar to alter their course registrations (or status within courses), with the approval of their advisor. If students wish to add a course that is at or over its enrollment limit or that requires the instructor's permission for enrollment, then, in addition to the advisor's signature, the instructor's approval is required as well.

Students may register for an Individual Study (IS) up to the seventh class day in any given semester. Before a sponsoring faculty member or department chair approves an Individual Study, the student (consulting with the instructor) must complete a form for the IS based on the guidelines articulated in the department /program policy. A student may not create an individual study on the same content as a course being offered in a given semester.

Course registrations are finalized at the end of the drop/add period (seventh day of classes). Students are fully accountable for all courses for which they are registered from that point on, and all will remain on the permanent record.

If students attended a course in which they were not registered, no record of or grade for the class will be available.

If a student never attends or stops attending a course but fails to withdraw properly in the registrar's office, an F is recorded.

Fees for late course changes

All enrollment changes after the first seven class days of each semester are subject to the late course change fee unless otherwise noted. These fees apply to all enrollment changes including those accomplished through petition and are found under Explanation of Fees and Charges on the web page.

At the discretion of the registrar, payment of all or part of these fees may be waived. Students may appeal the registrar's decision to an associate provost, whose decision is final. Students may request that these fees be added to their College accounts.

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Although the regular drop/add period ends with the seventh day of classes, music lessons and ensembles may be added until the eleventh day of classes. Beyond these regular deadlines, late addition of courses is possible until the end of the third week of each semester. Adding a course late requires submission of an enrollment change request form (with signature approvals from the course instructor and the faculty advisor) and payment of a late processing fee. Courses that begin during the second half of the semester (e.g., physical education, second-half physics courses) may only be added through the first week of the session.

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Students may change to audit status beginning the first day of the semester through the first seven days of classes, provided such change leaves them properly enrolled. This change requires the signature of the instructor and advisor.


A student may change status in a course to or from pass/D/fail only through the end of the eighth week of classes. Students are specifically required to maintain a consistent grading option over both halves of a year long course. This change requires the signature of the instructor and advisor.

For more information see the Grades and Credit section.

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Withdraw after the seventh class day

A student may withdraw (WD) without petition from a course only within the first eight weeks of each semester, provided the student remains enrolled for at least 1.75 units/14 semester hours of credit in the semester and 4.00 units/32 semester hours for the year. Students may withdraw (WD) from a
year long course (a credit overload) only through the eighth week of the first semester, or from the second half of a year long course through the eighth week of the second semester. The withdrawal requires the signatures of the instructor and the faculty advisor. A late course change processing fee will be charged. Students may not withdraw from the course if an academic infractions case is pending. A "WD" will appear on the student's record.

Withdrawing from a year long course at mid-year

Students are allowed, with signature of the advisor and the instructor, to withdraw from a year long course with half credit and a final grade. The instructor may require a final examination. Students who withdraw after tentative grades have been submitted must understand that the final grade for the first semester need not necessarily be the same as the tentative grade.

Forms for dropping the second half of year long courses at the end of the first semester are available at the Office of the Registrar and should be returned there no later than the seventh class day of the spring semester. The final grade must be received in the Office of the Registrar within two weeks (ten class days) of the effective date of the drop. Otherwise a grade of F will be recorded.

Withdraw, illness or incapacity

A student may petition to withdraw from a course because a serious illness or other personal circumstance beyond the student's control has prevented him or her from meeting the requirements of his or her courses. If approved, this will appear as a "WI" (withdrawal because of illness or incapacity) on the student's transcript. The student should consult with the instructor of the course, their faculty advisor and the Dean for Academic Advising and Support. The petition will be reviewed by the Committee on Academic Standards. Students eligible for WI are exempted from payment of a late fee. The Petition Committee requires support from a healthcare provider or other professional support person to consider the petition.

Withdraw late

A student may withdraw late from a course and drop below 1.75 units/14 semester hours one time only. Students may withdraw late (WL) from a year long course during the first semester only. Students may not withdraw late from the second half of a year long course. A "WL" (withdraw late) will be recorded on the student's transcript. A student may use this option even if it leaves the student below 1.75 units/14 semester hours, with the understanding that the WL may not be used if it will leave the student enrolled in less than 1.50 units/12 semester hours for the semester. In addition, students must still accumulate 16.00 units/128 semester hours to graduate and seniors must complete their 3.50 unit/28 semester hour annual minimum enrollment after using the WL. Use of the WL must be discussed with the student's instructor, the faculty advisor, and the dean for academic advising before a decision is made to use the option. Students are expected to continue to attend class and participate until the required signatures are obtained and the WL form is submitted to the Office of the Registrar. Students should obtain signatures in the following order: course instructor, faculty advisor, and dean for academic advising. This option must be exercised before 4:30 on the last day of classes for the semester. 

Students may not withdraw from a course where Academic Infractions Board sanctions are pending or have been imposed. Similarly, students may not withdraw from a class after they have been expelled from the class and the "X" grade has been submitted.

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