The performing arts of stage and screen, past and present, are the concern of the Department of Dance, Drama, and Film. The central objects of our study are the play, the film, and the dance, and the ways they are brought to life before an audience. Students learn by doing the jobs of the artists who collaborate to make these works. Some courses concentrate on the arts as they were performed in their historical and cultural context; others explore in depth the craft of the artists: the playwright, screenwriter, choreographer, actor, dancer, director, designer, and filmmaker.

Majors and minors pursue independent work either in historical and critical research or in creative activity. All courses in the department are available to every student in the College; certain courses have prerequisites noted in the course descriptions. Our commitment to the liberal arts approach develops the student’s imagination, analytical skills, and ability to collaborate creatively.

Diversity & Inclusion in the Department

We are committed to an anti-racist curriculum that encourages respectful and safe artistic exploration and nurtures understanding of the experiences of everyone.