Kenyon's Department of Modern Languages and Literatures has developed a curriculum that encompasses studies in language, literature, culture, literary theory, and linguistics, and promotes activities that contribute to the intellectual growth of students. Our program pursues the following interrelated goals in the context of a liberal arts education:

  1. Develop students' language proficiency and their appreciation of the cultural heritage and literary traditions represented by the disciplines in our department;
  2. Enhance cultural awareness, inter-cultural sensitivity and global perspective through the exploration of cultural values embedded in linguistic and extra-linguistic codes;
  3. a. Develop close-reading skills of literary texts in the target language, as well as the ability to analyze and interpret cultural artifacts other than literature such as film;
    b. Develop critical thinking and research skills in order to promote the rigorous formulation and effective communication of ideas, orally and in writing, both in the target language and in English;
  4. Provide connections between the traditional disciplines of the humanities, fine arts and social sciences as they relate to our fields.