It is often the case that individual programs vary greatly in terms of how many semesters of language study they require prior to enrollment, and some programs are only appropriate for specific semesters or the full year, depending on how they might align with Kenyon’s academic calendar.

It is also essential that students reach out to Meghan Mason ( at the Center for Global Engagement in order to confirm which programs are, in fact, a good match with the student’s academic interests and plan of study.

Finally, please be aware that this is only a select list of programs that have been used regularly by students in past years and reviewed by MLL faculty and the CGE staff. There are, however, many other providers of programs both in the countries listed, as well as in many other countries (depending on the language) not listed. Petitioning for a program not included in the below list is always an option, and the CGE staff can provide guidance in this process.


AMIDEAST (Amman, Jordan) 
AMIDEAST (Rabat, Morocco) 
AMIDEAST (Cairo, Egypt) 
Middlebury (Amman, Jordan) 


Middlebury (Beijing/Hangzhou/Kunming, China) 
CET (Beijing, China) 
CIEE Advanced Chinese Studies (Beijing, China) 


Middlebury (Bourdeaux/Paris, France) 
Syracuse (Strasbourg, France) 
CUPA (Paris, France) 
Sweet Briar Junior Year (Paris, France) 
University of Minnesota MSID (Dakar, Senegal) 
Middlebury (Yaoundé, Cameroon) 
AMIDEAST Regional Studies in French (Rabat, Morocco) 


Wayne State University Junior Year (Munich, Germany) 
Middlebury (Berlin/Mainz, Germany) 
Macalester German Study Abroad (Vienna, Austria) 
IES Berlin Language & Area Studies (Berlin, Germany) 
IES (Freiburg, Germany) 


Arcadia University (Perugia, Italy) 
IES (Siena, Italy) 


Middlebury (Tokyo, Japan) 
Earlham College (Waseda, Japan) 
Kansai Gaidai University (Hirakata / Osaka, Japan) 


Middlebury Russian (Moscow / Irkutsk / Yaroslavl, Russia) 
CIEE (St. Petersburg, Russia) 


IFSA Butler (Buenos Aires, Argentina) 
IFSA Butler (Santiago / Valparaíso, Chile) 
IFSA Butler (Heredia, Costa Rica) 
IFSA Butler (Mérida, México) 
Middlebury (Madrid / Córdoba, Spain) 
IES (Salamanca, Spain) 
IES (Madrid, Spain)