The Kenyon College faculty voted to change from Kenyon units to semester hours. This change will go into effect for all students who start at the College in the fall of 2024. Both systems will be used throughout the course catalog with the Kenyon units being listed first.


Courses that meet the requirement for this concentration:

AMES 101First-year Seminar: Introduction to Asian and Middle East Studies
AMES 340Sufis and Yogis, Pandits and ‘Alims: Muslim/“Hindu” Encounters in South Asia
AMES 490Senior Seminar: Asia in Comparative Perspective
ARBC 213YIntermediate Arabic I
ARBC 214YIntermediate Arabic II
ARBC 220Arab World through Literature and Film (in English)
HIST 156History of India
HIST 166History of the Islamicate World
HIST 258Ottoman Empire
HIST 261The Mongol Empire
HIST 264History of Modern Middle East
HIST 345History of the Indian Ocean
HIST 365Middle East through Film and Fiction
HIST 370Women and Gender in the Modern Middle East
HIST 390Modern Iran
HIST 438Medieval Iberia: Muslims, Christians and Jews
MATH 128History of Mathematics in the Islamic World
MUSC 485Asian Music Ensemble
RLST 140Islam's Diverse Paths: An Introduction to the Islamic Tradition
RLST 285Voices of Contemporary Islam
RLST 290Seminar of Sufism
RLST 295Islam in North America