Course Catalog 2022-2023

This catalog presents a comprehensive picture of the academic program at Kenyon College. Listed here are all of the regular courses taught by the Kenyon faculty. Note that not all courses are offered every year. In any given year, faculty members will teach a number of "special topics" courses that do not appear in the Course Descriptions section because they are not regular parts of the curriculum. To see which courses are being offered in the current or upcoming year, visit the Office of the Registrar website.

The Course Catalog is organized in two sections. The first covers academic policies and procedures, including degree requirements and curricular regulations that apply to all Kenyon students. The 'Academic Program at Kenyon' and 'College Curriculum' describe the College's curriculum and graduation requirements. The Course Catalog also provides information regarding enrollment procedures, grades, academic standards, transfer credit and off-campus study.

The second section presents the academic departments and programs of study, in alphabetical order. Each of these academic department and program pages sets forth specific requirements associated with the field of study — for example, a list of the requirements for majors and a description of the Senior Capstone. Each academic department and program also lists courses, in numerical order. Questions about courses should be addressed to members of the department or program in question.

Great care has been taken to assure the accuracy and completeness of the information contained in this publication. Note that Kenyon College reserves the right to discontinue or modify courses or programs; or to change policies, procedures, fees, and other regulations without prior notice.

Important Note on Requirements

Please pay special attention to the material covering curricular requirements and rules governing course enrollments. Read these regulations carefully; not only are students presumed to know them but also the regulations are revised from time to time. Ignorance of a rule does not qualify a student for exemption from that rule.