The Right to Petition

The College has no wish that any of its academic rules and requirements should impose needless hardship or manifest injustice upon any of its students. It therefore reserves to every student the right to petition faculty members on academic matters.

Petition Procedures

A description of petition procedures, instructions and the link to the online form is available on the Office of the Registrar's Office Web site.

The petition must be a clear and detailed statement containing the specific regulation(s) under consideration. Petitions will not be considered without recommendations from the student's advisor and from any other person (course instructor, Health and Counseling Center staff members, etc.) who may be affected by or have special knowledge bearing on the petition. Such recommendations will be considered with the petition.

Every petition will be dealt with on its own merit. The registrar will write the student concerning the decision and place a copy of the email along with the petition in the student's file. Students submitting petitions must not assume that the petition will be granted. Therefore, a student should continue with class attendance and preparation until results of the petition are known. Decisions of the petitions subcommittee of the Committee on Academic Standards may be appealed to the full committee.