The Kenyon College faculty voted to change from Kenyon units to semester hours. This change will go into effect for all students who start at the College in the fall of 2024. Both systems will be used throughout the course catalog with the Kenyon units being listed first.


Courses that meet the requirement for this concentration:

ANTH 259Latin American Ethnicity, Identity and Cultural Heritage
ENGL 273Latinx Literature and Film
ENGL 381Multiple Americas: Narratives of the Hemisphere
GSS 242Transnational Feminisms
HIST 218History of Mexico
HIST 311Immigrant Experience in the United States
HIST 321The Mexican Revolution: Origins, Struggles and Significance
HIST 322Human Rights in Latin America
HIST 323Borderland History
PSCI 354Latinos in American Democracy
PSCI 355Immigration, Citizenship and National Identity
PSCI 441Latin American Politics in Film and Fiction
PSCI 442Contemporary Latin American Politics
PSYC 227Cross-Cultural Psychology
PSYC 228Latino Psychology
RLST 217Christianity in the Global South
SOCY 233Sociology of Food
SOCY 235Transnational Social Movements
SOCY 237Borders and Border Crossings
SPAN 280Cultural Productions of the Borderlands
SPAN 281Resisting Borders: Contemporary Latino(a) Literature and Film
SPAN 335Literature and Popular Culture in Spanish America