The following courses offered by interdisciplinary programs can count toward the completion of the diversification requirement in the following ways. This is not considered complete. Please read course descriptions and ask the Registrar's Office if you have any questions.

Division Course Notes
Fine Arts
  AMST 209 (previously AMST 109) When paired with 0.50 ARHS/ARTS
  IPHS 113Y-114Y Completing the full year course
  Any two CWL courses 1.00 unit required
Natural Sciences
  ENVS 112 When paired with 0.50 BIOL
  Any two NEUR 1.00 unit required
  SCMP 118 When paired with 0.50 MATH/STAT
Social Sciences
  IPHS 113Y-114Y When paired with 0.50 HIST or PSCI
  Any two WGS not including WGS 221 1.00 unit required
  AMES 20 When paired with 0.50 HIST