What is FERPA?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that affords students with certain rights with respect to their education records. More information about the records protected by that law, the circumstances under which they can be released, and the process for amending inaccurate or misleading records can be found on Kenyon's annual FERPA notification webpage.

How can parents ensure they receive information regarding billing and financial aid so that they can pay tuition and fees?

Students must complete a "Billing Release Form" before any verbal or written student account information will be released. This form is available to new students on the Admissions Portal. Students may also request a "Student Billing Authorization to Release Information" form directly from the Student Accounts Office. Once this authorization is received, the student accounts staff will then be able to release information concerning billing and any financial aid credits applied to the account to all authorized persons.

How can a student gain access to their grades?

Grades are made available to students via a secure web page approximately 12 days after the semester ends. Students should make sure to complete all course evaluations by the applicable deadline to avoid delays in being able to view grades.

Can a parent use a student's Kenyon network ID and password to access their College records online?

No. The Principles and Rules of Behavior in the Student Handbook states that students should never lend their account access information to anyone else. More information can be found in the Student Handbook.

How can a student provide general consent for parents or others to communicate with the College about the student’s education?

Students can release information by filling out a (effective for one calendar year) and signing the form in the registrar's office. A copy of the FERPA student consent form is available online. Students who are not on campus may have their signature affirmed by a notary public and then physically mail the form to the registrar's office. On the form, students choose which types of information to release to whom.

Will Kenyon contact parents if a student is injured?

A member of the student affairs staff (typically the staff member who is "on call," especially after hours) is informed when an injured or ill student is being transported to the local hospital. The staff member will contact parents only with the student's permission or if there is a serious injury or condition that has rendered the student unable to consent. In all cases of health and safety, students are strongly encouraged to communicate directly with their parents/guardians. For more information on when parents of a tax-dependent student may be contacted, see Parent Notification

Will Kenyon inform me when my student is seeing a College counselor or physician?

Generally not unless the student grants consent for the release of the information.  Kenyon’s counselors and health care professionals follow the requirements of state and federal laws with regard to the confidentiality of protected health information, and maintaining that confidentiality is important for purposes of the student’s trust.  Students utilize the Health and Counseling Center to confront their issues and concerns, knowing that counselors and health care professionals respect their privacy and confidentiality. If a student becomes a danger to himself/herself or another person, the student affairs staff will notify parents and/or guardians of a tax-dependent student, as explained under Parent Notification.

Will parents be informed if a student has disciplinary action taken against them?

Certain disciplinary information may be shared with parents. Here are the types of disciplinary actions that would lead to Parent Notification.

Will Kenyon notify me if my student is in academic jeopardy or placed on conditional enrollment (academic probation)?

The College provides multiple opportunities for students to monitor their own academic performance, and students are expected to communicate this information their parents as appropriate. Kenyon only releases academic information to parents without consent of the student when certain formal academic actions are taken. For more information, please visit: Parent Notification.

Can parents contact instructors or faculty advisors with questions about their student's academic progress?

Faculty must abide by FERPA and are not permitted to provide any specific grade information to parents. If you are concerned about your student, however, it is helpful to share your concerns with the dean for academic advising and support. Your student will be encouraged to complete a FERPA release form if they would like more information shared with you directly by applicable parties.