The team members of the Registrar’s Office endeavor to fulfill our main tasks with a friendly, helpful attitude; complete each task with quality that involves accuracy, consistency, and efficiency; build positive relationships to collaborate across campus to creatively find new ways to flexibly serve the College; support each other in all that we do with a goal of empowering students and others to navigate processes and achieve success.

Main Tasks

  • Uphold and explain Kenyon academic policies to students, faculty, parents, alumni, etc. to promote greater understanding through communication.
  • Steward and keep academic records for the College with accuracy, consistency and completeness while upholding federal, state, college and professional standards.
  • Represent Kenyon to students, alumni, parents, prospective students and others. Say no politely and pleasantly, refer students by finding out who can help them. Treat all parties with respect.
  • Provide and contextualize information to students, faculty, the public, the federal government, other institutions, etc.
  • Protect the privacy of student and alumni records. Ensure the integrity of the Kenyon degree.