Student Organization Advisors

The Office of Student Engagement recognizes that Student Organization advisors play a critical role in the development of students and the student organization. All registered student organizations that are required to have an advisor, need a faculty or staff member who is a current full-time Kenyon employee on campus for the entire academic year (with the exception of a leave shorter than a semester).

As a College employee, the advisor has a responsibility to both the College and the organization. The advisor is expected to provide general guidance to the group. The presence and/or participation of a College advisor in no way relieves student organization members of their responsibility to abide by the law and expectations of the College, nor does the singular presence of the advisor constitute College approval of the event.

Benefits of Being an Advisor

Serving as an advisor may be an additional duty outside of one’s normal work responsibilities, but it is no doubt a rewarding experience. Below are several thoughts by advisors who have had the chance to interact with student leaders on a daily basis, as well as gain a better sense of community on campus. 

Some of the benefits of advising a student organization include:

  • The satisfaction of helping students learn and develop new skills
  • Watching a group come together to share common interests and work toward common goals and have an understanding of differences
  • Developing a personal relationship with students
  • Furthering personal goals or interests by choosing to work with an organization that reflects your interests
  • Sharing your knowledge with others