Professional staff members in the Office of Student Engagement have general use credit cards that are available for use by student organizations to make approved in-office purchases online or over the phone. Staff credit cards may not be removed from the office. Failure to properly follow usage procedures may result in individual or organizational restrictions and/or referral to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. The office credit card usage process is as follows:

  • All registered student organizations (except club sports) must email to schedule an appointment for a time to use a credit card.

  • Note: all club sport purchases should contact to schedule an appointment for a time to use a credit card.

  • Place order when in the office. Use the following information for each purchase:

    • The Office of Student Engagement address for both billing and shipping. 

    • Include the name of the student organization on the order so the office staff will know which organization to alert when the item arrives. 

    • Ensure that the transaction receipt is sent to the designated staff member’s email address and printed, if possible. 

    • Return the credit card to the staff member.

Note: Purchases should be made in a timely fashion. Late or rush shipping will not be paid for from BFC allocated funds. All purchases will be delivered to the Office of Student Engagement and may be retrieved by a member of the student organization that is listed on the official organization roster. Deliveries must be picked up during business hours only. Students may not have access to the office to retrieve deliveries when the office is closed.