Business and Finance Committee

The Business and Finance Committee (BFC) of Student Council is charged with allocating the student activity fee money to registered student organizations and other student-centered initiatives. The BFC provides recommendations for determination of the Student Council. 

The BFC is guided by the Student Council Bylaws, particularly the bylaws of the Business and Finance Committee.  

Student Activity Fee Allocation Process

The BFC allocates the majority of the student activity fee through two semester allocation hearings each year. The spring budget hearings typically occur in December and the fall budget hearings typically occur in April. While the semester budget hearings offer the greatest opportunity for funding, the BFC also hosts supplemental budget hearings throughout each semester. Supplemental hearings are intended to afford funding opportunities to newly-registered organizations or for opportunities that pop up after the semester hearings. Student organizations are strongly encouraged to plan their events and apply for funding through the semester hearings. Both semester hearings and supplemental hearings are advertised via emails to student organization email addresses. 

Both funding processes typically include the following steps:

  • Submission of allocation request via the online form
  • BFC hearing at which member(s) of student organizations present their budget requests

  • BFC review during which members of the BFC review all requests and make recommendations

  • Student Council review during which the vice president for business and finance presents BFC recommendations to Student Council for review and approval; Student Council determines funding decisions

  • BFC notifies student organization(s) of allocation request status