Social Event Registration Process

Social event hosts must complete the social events with alcohol registration request form, found on the Office of Student Engagement website. This request must be submitted no later than noon on Tuesday preceding the requested event (for BYOB events, guest list is also due at this time). Additionally, all event hosts must reserve the space in Kenyon Reservations and adhere to applicable standards and timelines for that process. Failure to complete both processes in a timely manner, submitting a registration request with incomplete or misleading information, or not meeting training or funding requirements will result in denial of request, cancellation of event, and/or a possible referral to the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities. After review, the social event hosts and organization leadership will receive notification if the social event with alcohol registration request has been approved, denied, or requires further information.

Social Event Team

All social events with alcohol must have a group of students that serve as a team to oversee the event. This team will include hosts, door workers, floaters, and servers. The Office of Student Engagement reserves the right to require additional Social Event Team members based on the nature of the event or space. Students serving as hosts, servers, door workers, or floaters must complete online social event training provided on the Office of Student Engagement website and wear the provided lanyards and role badges during the shift they are working.

All Social Event Team Members must remain sober prior to and for the duration of their shift. For the purposes of social events with alcohol, sober is defined as not being under the influence of and abstaining from the consumption of alcohol and/or mood altering drugs.