Club Sports

New Club Sport Application Process

Students hoping to start a club sport should first determine whether they meet the requirements for classification as a club sport or as a recreational club using the guidelines listed below. If the proposed organization meets the requirements to be considered a club sport, they will then meet with the director of club sports to review the information contained in the New Student Club Sport Organization Application. Upon review of the application, the director of club sports will make a recommendation to the Student Life Committee to either approve or deny the request for recognition. The Student Life Committee will review the materials and send a recommendation for approval to the Student Council via the student organization recognition process.

If the application is accepted, please note that the Student Life Committee reserves the right to suspend or revoke the charter of any club sport, at any time, at the discretion of the Committee, Office of Student Engagement, or the Director of Club Sports. The Student Life Committee advises the Student Council on the recognition of a club sport, however, Student Council has the final say on the approval or rejection of a club sport application.

* Applications are currently not being accepted for club sports. Questions  can be directed towards the Director of Club Sports Emily Heithaus or the Assistant Director of Club Sports Tiffany McCallen. (contact information below) For students interested in creating a recreational club, they should contact the Student Life Committee ( *

Club Sport vs. Recreational Club

Club sports and recreational clubs have different characteristics. Please consider carefully the definitions below when deciding to apply to be a club sport or recreational club. 

Club sports may participate in group practices, physical training and internal or external competition. Additionally, at least one of the following requirements must be met:

  • The team maintains eligibility in a recognized collegiate, regional or national league or organization and participates at least once per semester in competition with another college or university opponent. 

  • OR The team requires advancement of specific physical skills, techniques, and safety practices via qualified, professional coaching that occurs on a regular basis throughout the team’s training.

Groups that meet the above criteria should begin the student organization application process via the Initial Approval Form for Proposed Club Sports. The Approval Steps for New Club Sports Guide will provide an overview of the entire application process.

Recreational clubs may participate in group practices, physical training and internal competition but do not compete against other institutions or clubs external to Kenyon.

  • Recreational clubs may use athletic facilities during open recreation hours, but may not reserve specific facilities to the exclusion of other users.

Groups that meet the criteria for recreational club status should begin the student organization application process via the Office of Student Engagement’s New Student Organization Requirements page.

Established Club Sports

Established club sports should ensure that all members of club leadership are familiarized with and prepared to follow all policies and procedures. Additionally, all club sports team officers are required each semester to complete the Attestation Form below.

Required Forms

Policies and Procedures

Contact Information

Emily Heithaus
Assistant Athletic Director for Fitness & Recreation
Director of Club Sports

Tiffany McCallen
Fitness & Recreation Programming Coordinator
Assistant Director of Club Sports