BYOB Events

BYOB events require student organizations to follow all procedures outlined in this policy in addition to the following requirements. BYOB events are always closed events and cannot exceed more than 120 total guests at any one time.

Guest List

Guest lists with specific names and birthdays of all members and invited guests must be generated for each function. (A student directory is not an acceptable guest list.  Invitations should be issued to the guest(s) that a member wishes to invite to the event).  View the guest list template

Guest list must be submitted to the Office of Student Engagement at least ten (10) business days in advance of the event. Failure to submit the guest list in time can result in the event not being approved. After this time, no substitutions or add-ons are permitted.

Event attendance must utilize a ratio of no more than two guests to one member with no more than 120 attendees total.


Each Kenyon student of legal drinking age may bring their own beverages, with a maximum of six beers, hard ciders/ malt seltzer (12 ounce servings) or four servings of wine (four miniature 187 ml wine bottles or one 750 ml bottle). Attendees of legal drinking age must bring their own alcohol with them to the event and take it immediately to the bar upon their arrival. A social event team member will label beverages with the attendee’s full name on their bottle of wine or cardboard package of beer, malt seltzer, cider or miniature wine bottles. The host organization will be supplied with labels and markers by Campus Safety.

Door Workers

Only one, well-lit entrance is permitted at BYOB events. Several exits should be present but should not also be used as entrances. The guest list must be present at the entrance and guests are to be “checked in” once they have arrived and entered the event. Checking in includes indicating that the attendee has arrived as well as logging the type and quantity of their alcohol, if applicable. Attendees must take their alcohol directly to the bar following check in.

Bartenders and Distribution of Alcohol

Bartenders must label all alcohol with attendee’s full name with the provided sticky labels. Each time an attendee of legal drinking age wants a drink, ID should be checked and a beverage retrieved from the matching labeled bottle or cardboard package. Bartenders may only dispense drinks to the student whose name is on the container. Bartenders may only issue one serving of alcohol at a time. All drinks must be served in clear plastic cups (provided by Campus Safety) to ensure that alcohol is being appropriately checked at the bar. All alcohol must be stored behind the bar and clearly out of reach of any attendee and for distribution only by the bartenders.