Additional Student Organization Categories

Affiliated Student Organizations

There are some student groups that are considered affiliate student organizations (Greek organizations included) and must be affiliated with a specific national organization. Affiliate status usually occurs when a student organization is partially or primarily controlled by an external organization. This locus of external control could include, but is not limited to, abiding by externally defined bylaws, constitutional elements, or membership requirements; submitting reports to an external body (e.g., national chapter); paying membership dues to or receiving funding from an external organization; etc.

Despite external elements of control, affiliate organizations must comply with all College rules including:

  • Upholding student organization policies (anti-hazing, non-discrimination and anti-harassment campus policies)

  • Adhering to the Kenyon College Student Code of Conduct

  • Following any  governing council policies along with any inter/national organization policies

  • Mandating that all members follow any local, state and federal laws

  • Fulfilling all registered student organization requirements

Departmental Student Organizations

There are some student groups that are considered departmental student organizations and must be supported by a specific Kenyon department or unit. The sponsoring department or unit also agrees to financially support the group, as well as ensuring compliance and providing resources around the anti-hazing, non-discrimination and anti-harassment campus policies, enforcing the Kenyon College Student Code of Conduct, and mandating any local, state,and federal law be followed. 

Departmental organizations typically:

  • Align with the mission of the academic or administrative department
  • Promote departmental events & initiatives
  • Help with student retention within the academic or administrative department
  • Receive funding from the department

Departmental student organizations are unable to:

  • Reserve space on campus for the organization by themselves
  • Request funding from the student activity fee

In order to be considered a departmental student organization, a potential group must complete the New Student Organization application, which is reviewed by the Office of Student Engagement. Student Engagement will then reach out the department named on the application for approval. If approved, the student organization will be considered departmental for one academic year. Any approved departmental student organization will have to re-apply on an annual basis to retain departmental status, typically at the end of the academic year. 

Inactive Student Organizations

Student organizations that were previously registered and are two consecutive semesters non-compliant will become inactive. Inactive organizations can automatically be renewed by attending a hearing of the Student Life Committee and presenting an action plan identifying the cause of non-compliance and strategies to avoid future issues. The committee provides a recommendation regarding recognition status to the Student Council.

Archived Student Organizations

Student organizations that have not been active for four (4) academic semesters become archived. Archived student organizations retain their historical documentation but are subject to the new student organization approval process to become active again.

Unrecognized Student Organizations

Participation in a student organization that has had their recognition suspended or revoked, or groups of students operating as a student organization without pending or official College recognition, is strictly prohibited. Individuals involved in unrecognized groups are subject to sanctioning through the Student Code of Conduct.