Contracts and External Vendors/Agents


All contracts must be signed by a professional staff member in the Office of Student Engagement. No student or organization advisor should ever sign a contract.

If you plan to pay either students or outside professionals for services or performances, a contract must be reviewed by the Office of Student Engagement at least four weeks in advance. Kenyon College has its own contract that must accompany the performer’s contract or serve as the contract if the performer does not have their own contract.

You are welcome to set up an appointment to review a contract with a member of the Office of Student Engagement by emailing for general student organizations or by contacting the Director of Club Sports for club sports. Be prepared to bring any and all contracts you receive into the Office of Student Engagement for review. 

Please remember that verbal agreements are almost always considered legally binding and written (including email correspondence) agreements are always considered legally binding.

Things to Consider When Contacting an Agent/Performer

  • You should begin conversations and negotiations at least four weeks before the event to allow ample time for contracting.

  • When contacting an agent/performer, make sure you are clear about the fact that you are inquiring about cost and availability and are not authorized to make contractual agreements for the College. 

  • Check to see if their contract contains any clauses or riders that would increase your total cost or for which you will have to make arrangements ahead of time (such as securing a hotel room, ordering food, sound or light equipment).

  • Student Engagement staff will only sign a performance contract if the entirety of event funding (including travel, lodging, etc.) is already secured.