Organization Officers

Based on the mission, purpose and size of the organization, the requirements for leading a student organization will vary. However, the Office of Student Engagement  and the Student Life Committee requires each organization to have a president, treasurer and secretary, at minimum.

Taking on the role of a student organization officer is not something that should be taken lightly. Duties of organization officers include, but are not limited to:

  • Representing the organization to the larger campus community
  • Demonstrating responsibility for the conduct of the organization
  • Staying informed and educated on campus policies, procedures and expectations and following them in all organization operations
  • Communicating regularly with campus departments, fellow officers, the organization advisor and all organization members
  • Leading the organization with good intention and judgment
  • Completing the annual registration process on KCon when prompted, to maintain good standing with the college. 

President’s Responsibilities

  • Attend organization workshops hosted by the Office of Student Engagement
  • Lead the organization
  • Abide by the organization’s constitution/bylaws
  • Commit to the goals of the organization
  • Be aware of the financial status and fiscal responsibility of the organization
  • Conduct meetings for the organization
  • Consult with the organization advisor regularly (if applicable)
  • Communicate with the Office of Student Engagement
  • Share and uphold College policies or processes with organization officers/members
  • Delegate tasks to other organization officers/members
  • Ensure the organization is actively operating, hosting events, and meeting, recruiting new members, and moving forward
  • Coordinate smooth transition for all officers at the end of a term

Treasurer’s Responsibilities

  • Attend any Business & Finance Committee workshops or trainings offered throughout the academic year 
  • Monitor the fiscal status of the organization and keep an itemized budget and financial plan
  • Participate in audits when called upon by the vice president for business and finance
  • Educate fellow officers on the expectation for fiscal responsibility that comes with the opportunity to use student activity fee dollars allocated from the Student Council
  • Be educated on all campus budgeting, funding and purchasing policies and procedures
  • Authorize purchases on behalf of the organization
  • Be aware of opportunities for funding and responsible for all organization requests for funding (i.e.: semester allocations, supplemental allocations, fun funds etc.)

Secretary’s Responsibilities

  • Be responsible for all organization communication (including management of membership rosters and email lists)
  • Take notes or minutes for the organization
  • Lead the process of editing the organization's guiding documents on an annual basis
  • Maintain membership rosters for submission annually
  • Maintain organization mailing lists

Note: Organization-specific responsibilities for officers are determined by the constitution/bylaws of each organization. Organizations also can have multiple individuals fulfill these roles, and can also call them specific titles.