New Student Organization Requirements

Students hoping to create a new student organization must submit an application to the Student Life Committee for review and attend a hearing. The Student Life Committee will make a recommendation to the Student Council following the hearing process. This process will take place between the start of the semester and the mid-semester break (fall break or spring break accordingly). In order to be approved, the group will need to offer a unique involvement opportunity, have a campus advisor, and have a complete constitution.

All new organizations are placed on provisional status for two semesters. During this provisional period, new student organizations are held accountable to all applicable registered student organization requirements as well as the following criteria:

  • A $500 limit per semester on funds from the student activity fee while on provisional status. Student organizations must apply for funding.

  • The organization leader (president or similar position) will schedule to meet with the Vice President for Student Life and the Office of Student Engagement staff within two weeks of approval by Student Council to develop organization goals and review the Student Organization Handbook.

  • At the end of the second provisional semester, and prior to student activity fee allocations for the following semester, the Student Life Committee reserves the right to review the organization for approval of full organization status. This review will be based on the goals set by the organization, financial integrity through provisional semesters, and sustained involvement. If any of these are not met then the committee will make a recommendation of either additional provisional semesters or removal of recognition.

NOTE: The first semester Campus Contribution is encouraged but optional for new student organizations.