Work Schedule

The normal work week consists of five (5) days, seven (7) hours long, Monday through Friday. Your schedule of daily work hours will be given to you by your supervisor and is subject to change. You will be notified promptly whenever a change is necessary. Should you have any questions concerning your work schedule, please ask your supervisor.

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Absence or Tardiness

From time to time, it may be necessary for you to be absent from work. Kenyon College is aware that emergencies, illnesses, or pressing personal business that cannot be scheduled outside your work hours may arise. Sick, Personal, Family (SPF) leave has been provided for this purpose for employees who are eligible for benefits.

If all available paid SPF leave has been used, an employee MAY be required to use vacation time to avoid unpaid leaves. See the section entitled "Sick, Personal and Family Leave” later in this Handbook for details.

If you are unable to report to work, or if you will arrive late, please contact your supervisor immediately. Give them as much time as possible to arrange for someone else to cover your position until you arrive, if needed. If you know in advance that you will need to be absent, you are required to request this time off directly from your supervisor. They will determine when will be the most suitable time for you to be absent from your work.

When you call in to inform Kenyon of an unexpected absence or late arrival, ask for your supervisor directly. For late arrivals, please indicate when you expect to arrive for work. Notifying the switchboard operator or a fellow-employee is not sufficient. If you are unable to call in yourself because of an illness, emergency or for some other reason, be sure to have someone call on your behalf. If your supervisor is not available when you call, you may leave the information with another supervisor.
Absence from work for three (3) consecutive days without notifying your supervisor or the Office of Human Resources will be considered a voluntary resignation.

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Coffee Breaks

The College does not have a defined coffee-break policy in which operations stop for a specified period of time. It is recognized, however, that occasional pauses for rest are desired and helpful. Therefore, it is suggested that the time and occasion of such breaks be at the discretion of the supervisor and that the taking of short breaks is not against College regulations.

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Flexible Work Schedules for Non-Exempt Staff

Supervisors must approve any adjustments in the work schedule.

A core day of 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, must be maintained. These are hours that all of us will know we can be certain to reach employees who are working a flexible schedule. As long as core hours are maintained, the work schedule can be adjusted at any time.

Hours worked in excess of 40 per week will continue to be paid in accordance with existing provisions.

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Record of Absence or Tardiness

If you are absent because of illness for more than three (3) consecutive days, your supervisor may request that you submit written documentation from your doctor. If you are absent five (5) or more days because of illness, you may be required to provide written documentation from a doctor that you are able to resume normal work duties before you will be allowed to return to work. You will be responsible for any charges made by your doctor for this documentation.

You are required to record any absence or tardiness on your Banner web time-entry record when recording your daily hours. Your attendance record will be considered when evaluating requests for promotions, transfers, leaves of absence, and approved time off, etc.

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Summer Hours - Optional

Benefit eligible employees who are scheduled to work five days per week may choose to work an optional summer schedule during June and July only. Thirty-five hours per week (or the normal scheduled hours) must continue to be worked, but an employee may choose to adjust their schedule to accommodate a four day week. Example: An employee who normally works Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., may choose to work Monday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:45 p.m., working the required 35 hours in 4 days allowing them to have Friday off. An employee may also adjust their schedule to accommodate a 4 1/2 day week, but in no case can a schedule be adjusted for any less than a 4 day week. Also, working on Saturday or Sunday will not be approved in order to shorten the normal Monday through Friday week. Any changes to the normal schedule must have supervisory approval.

Hours worked in excess of 40 per week will continue to be paid in accordance with existing provisions.

Because of the varying needs within each College department, this optional summer schedule may not be available to all employees and will be granted solely at the discretion of the supervisor.

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