Your immediate supervisor is the person on the management team who is closest to you and your work. Your day-to-day contact with your supervisor gives you a chance to receive guidance and counsel regarding your assignments and the progress you make on your job. Your supervisor can show you how your work fits into the overall picture, teach you how to do things, explain the "hows" and "whys," and encourage you when things look a little tough.

Remember, your supervisor knows most of the answers, and, if not, knows where to get them. Your supervisor probably started in a job much like yours and can guide and help you; they want you to succeed! Please get to know your supervisor, and when you need help or have questions, complaints, problems or suggestions, contact them first. They are interested in your success, the success of every member of your department, and the overall success of Kenyon College.

Your supervisor is human, has many responsibilities, and needs your cooperation, assistance, and loyalty. They want to help you — that's their job — so please ask, and please be willing to meet your supervisor half way. If they cannot help you or answer your question, your question will be referred to someone who can. You can expect to be treated fairly and with respect. Like Kenyon College, your supervisor has a direct interest in you. They want you to consider them as your adviser, friend and mentor. Go to your supervisor for information about your job, your pay, or other matters of College policy.

Please don't overburden your supervisor with questions that can be answered by reading this handbook or by checking bulletin boards. Do feel free to ask for clarification of regulations or responsibilities. Any problem that hinders the efficient completion of your responsibilities should be taken up with your supervisor.