Kenyon College does not respond to oral requests for references. We will, however, indicate the dates of current or prior employment and position held upon written request.

All requests requiring a reference and/or more information such as eligibility for rehire, salary, job performance etc., will not be honored without the current or prior employee's completing a "reference release waiver." This waiver, signed by the current or prior employee, releases Kenyon College from any claims which may arise from providing the information requested. In the event you leave the employ of Kenyon College and you would like us to give information regarding your employment, please make sure you have a signed waiver on file in the Office of Human Resources.

As an employee, do not under any circumstances respond to any requests for information regarding another employee unless it is part of your assigned job responsibilities. If it is not, and you receive a request for a reference, you should forward the request to the Office of Human Resources.