Former Employees

Depending on the circumstances, Kenyon College may consider a former employee for re-employment. Such applicants are subject to Kenyon's usual pre-employment procedures. To be considered, an applicant must have been in good standing at the time of their previous termination of employment with Kenyon and must have provided at least two weeks advance notice of their intention to terminate their employment with Kenyon College (and worked the term of their notice, see "Resignation").

Reinstatement of Benefits (Bridging)

In the event you return to work for Kenyon College, within twelve (12) months of termination of your previous employment with Kenyon, and you terminated your previous employment with Kenyon in good standing, your absence will be treated as if it were a Leave of Absence. You MAY be eligible to continue your benefits at the level you enjoyed them (commensurate with your new position) at the time of your termination of previous employment with Kenyon. Your original hire date will be used for the employee master files and for recognition purposes.