Personnel Administration

Your Personnel File

Keeping your personnel file up-to-date can be important to you with regard to pay, deductions, benefits and other matters. If you have a change in any of the following items, please be sure to notify your supervisor or the Office of Human Resources as soon as possible:

1. Legal name

2. Home address

3. Home telephone number

4. Person to call in case of emergency

5. Number of dependents

6. Marital status

7. Change of beneficiary

8. Driving record or status of driver's license, if you operate any Kenyon College vehicles

9. Military or draft status

10. Exemptions on your W-4 tax form

Coverage or benefits that you and your family may receive under Kenyon College's benefits package could be negatively affected if the information in your personnel file is incorrect.

Since Kenyon College refers to your personnel file when we need to make decisions in connection with promotions, transfers, etc., it's to your benefit to be sure your personnel file includes information about completion of educational or training courses, outside civic activities, and areas of interest and skills that may not be part of your current position here.

You may see information which is kept in your own personnel file if you wish, and you may request and receive copies of all documents you have signed. Please ask your supervisor to make arrangements for you with the Office of Human Resources.