We Need Your Ideas

Ask any of our employees who have worked with us for a long time and they will probably tell you of the many changes and improvements that have come about in their departments since they first joined us. We believe the person doing a job is in the best position to think of ways of doing it more easily, more efficiently, and more effectively. If you think of a better way of doing your job or the job of a fellow employee, discuss it with your supervisor, who will welcome your suggestions and ideas.

Note: See "Suggestions" in the "Other Policies" section of this Handbook for specific instructions on submitting suggestions.

Remember, there may be areas in Kenyon College's operation that can be improved. These could be in service, equipment, communications, safety, ways to reduce costs, losses, and/or waste, or other improvements you may see a need for. Please give us the benefit of your unique experience and thoughts. Also, make sure to document your innovations and money-saving efforts and have your supervisor attach them to your next evaluation.