Introductory Period

Your first ninety (90) working days of employment at Kenyon College are considered an Introductory Period. This Introductory Period will be a time for getting to know your fellow employees, your supervisor and the tasks involved in your job position, as well as becoming familiar with Kenyon College's policies and procedures. Your supervisor will work closely with you to help you understand the needs and processes of your job.

This Introductory Period is a try-out time for both you, as an employee, and Kenyon College, as an employer. During this Introductory Period, we will evaluate your suitability for employment, and you can evaluate us as well. As is true throughout your employment with the College, you may resign without any detriment at any time during your first 90 working days. Similarly, if, during this period your work attitude, attendance or performance do not measure up to our standards, we may release you. If you take approved time off in excess of five workdays during the Introductory Period, the Introductory Period may be extended by that length of time.

At the end of the Introductory Period, your supervisor will typically discuss your job performance with you. During the course of the discussion, you are encouraged to give your comments and ideas as well.

Please understand that completion of the Introductory Period does not guarantee continued employment for any specified period of time, nor does it require that an employee be discharged only for "cause."

A former employee who has been rehired after a separation from Kenyon College of more than one (1) year is considered an introductory employee during their first ninety (90) days following rehire.