5.5 Moving Allocation

Revised July 1998, Sept. 2011, Jan. 2019, July 2019

Kenyon College will make a moving allowance payment to eligible new faculty and full-time exempt staff, provided they are relocating from outside of Knox County, Ohio. 

  • The College moving allowance is solely based on the mileage moved (it is not a reimbursement of expenses such as truck rentals, trailer rentals or gas).  The moving allowance is $2.00 per mile moved, with a minimum allowance payment of $1,000 and a maximum allowance payment (not to exceed) $4,000.
  • On occasion, the College may recruit and hire two persons from the same family. In this circumstance, only one moving expense reimbursement is permitted.
  • Beginning January 1, 2018, the IRS requires that all moving allocation payments be reported on the employee's W-2 Form as taxable income. The College is required to withhold all appropriate payroll taxes, including FICA, on all amounts reimbursed for moving expenses.
  • The moving allowance payment will be made after the employee relocates to their new home and provides Kenyon with proof of mileage moved. The employee should also keep a set of the records as documentation for his/her federal tax return.
  • Moving allocation requests are to be made no later than one year after the original hire date.

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