5.11 Long-Term Disability Insurance

If you are a benefits-eligible employee of Kenyon College, you will be enrolled in our long-term total disability policy. This total disability insurance becomes effective the first day of the month after one year of eligible employment with Kenyon. 

This one-year waiting period is waived if the employee was enrolled in a prior employer's total disability plan within three months of joining Kenyon and the plan with the previous employer provided income benefits for five or more years of total disability. The total cost of the premium is paid by the College. 

Should an employee become disabled and apply for the total disability benefit, there is a six-month elimination period before benefits begin. Kenyon will normally continue the employee's salary during the elimination period provided the employee is certified as disabled by the insurance carrier. For more details regarding the benefits this policy provides, please refer to your certificates.

Revised July 2010