4.7 Individual Faculty Development Accounts (IFDAs)

Amended May 2007, revised Sept. 2011, revised Jan. 2011, revised May, June 2013, Aug. 2015 

The College makes available to all full-time faculty tenured and tenure-track faculty an Individual Faculty Development Account (IFDA) in the amount of $2,250 per year.

These account balances carry over from year to year, to a maximum of $6,750. Full-time visitors receive an IFDA funded at $1,500 per year, with a carry over up to $4,000. Faculty members serving under a Limited Appointment Part-time (see section 2.4.12 of the Faculty Handbook) receive IFDAs funded at $750 per year, with carry over up to $2000. Faculty members draw on their accounts by arrangement with the Coordinator of Faculty Support. All requests for reimbursement must be accompanied by proper receipts and a completed Travel and Expense or Payment Order form. 

This fund is to be used only for expenses associated with the professional development of the faculty member holding the account. Example uses are travel expenses to attend conferences, conference and workshop registration fees, membership fees in professional societies, publication and copying costs, research supplies, software necessary for research, or payment of a student to help in a faculty member’s research.

The fund cannot be used to provide personal compensation to the faculty member.

The IFDA should not be used when funds are available from other sources. For example, funds should not be used for office supplies or office computers. Faculty who are Tenure/Tenure Track, Limited Appointment Part Time or hired under a 3-year appointment will be authorized to use their IFDA monies to purchase tablets. When such purchases are made, faculty should be informed that:

  1. the tablet remains the property of the College and must be returned upon their leaving 

  2. the tablet is not eligible for R & R consideration

Should the faculty member conclude that the unit was an important piece of research equipment and enhanced their scholarly production, she or he is encouraged to set aside a portion of each year's IFDA allocation to enable their replacement of the unit at an appropriate interval. Data plans associated with this equipment may not be funded by IFDA or research monies except where approved by the provost for faculty who have significant administrative responsibilities for which such data plan access can be justified.

Because IFDA funds are meant to enhance the professional development of the faculty member, they should not be used to fund learning opportunities for students, or to help fund activities of student organizations. Faculty who are on leave, but not “in service” with the College will not be eligible for Individual Faculty Development Funds. Items purchased with IFDA funds are property of the College and are intended for the professional use of the faculty member and/or program(s) of the faculty member. Items purchased with IFDA funds remain with the department upon the departure of the faculty member from the College.