3.7 Interdisciplinary Programs

The following was part of the legislation on interdisciplinary appointments that appears in section 2.4.4 and together with that statement describes the situation of interdisciplinary appointments. Approved April 1993

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A. Each interdisciplinary program will have an Advisory Committee, composed of four to eight faculty members, preferably serving rotating terms. It is desirable also to have students on the Advisory Committee.

B. Its duties include (a) advising the director about staffing, the direction of the program, and its curriculum, and (b) assisting in sustaining the program. Its role in the evaluation process is set out in section 2.4.4.

C. Members are chosen by the director, in consultation with the Associate Provost, who invites them to serve.

D. The Advisory Committee must meet at least once each semester, and the director should consider undertaking wider consultations where appropriate.

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A. If an interdisciplinary appointee chooses, upon arrival at Kenyon, to affiliate with a department, the professional relationship between the member and the department as it relates to departmental activities should be worked out between the two parties to their mutual satisfaction.

B. If a relationship with a department is formalized by a title, the affiliation and title will ordinarily be "adjunct." Adjunct association with that department does not bear upon the review of the Interdisciplinary director.

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