5.10 Life Insurance

Life Insurance

If you are a benefits-eligible employee of Kenyon College, you are covered by our Group Life Insurance. The benefit is equal to the employee's annual earnings (excluding overtime); at age 65 the amount is decreased by 35 percent and 50% at age 70. You may change your beneficiary whenever you wish by submitting the appropriate documents to the Office of Human Resources. The College pays the entire cost of the premium. Should an employee become totally disabled before his or her sixtieth birthday, and continue to be disabled until death, the life insurance coverage will continue, provided required proof of disability and its continuance is submitted each year to the company. At retirement or termination of employment, this policy may be converted to a personal policy at the employee's expense. Refer to the literature provided by our insurance company for more details on this life insurance coverage.

Optional Life Insurance

Kenyon College employees may purchase up to $150,000 of additional voluntary life insurance without evidence of insurability. Coverage will also be available to eligible dependents. Participation may begin on date of employment if hired on the first of the month, or if hired mid-month, on the first of the month following the hire date, and is optional. Cost varies by employee. Kenyon pays up to $2.00 per month/$24.00 per year.

  • A benefits eligible employee is defined as an employee working a minimum of 1,000 hours annually on a continuing basis in a benefits-eligible position.
  • Eligible dependents include legal spouse, same or opposite sex domestic partner (as defined); unmarried dependent children until the end of the benefit month in which they reach age 26.

For benefit amounts and premiums, please see the Human Resources web page. Larger coverage amounts are available to employees, spouses/domestic partners on the same rate basis with evidence of insurability.

To enroll yourself, your spouse/partner, or dependent(s), in a Life ONLY policy and/or a Personal Accident policy, return the applicable enrollment application(s) to the Office of Human Resources within 31 days of eligibility.

Revised January 2003, October 2006, July 2010, January 2017