5.3 Leaves

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The parental leave policy is intended for tenure-track/tenured faculty who have experienced the birth or adoption of a child(ren). The leave should be completed within the first year of the birth or adoption of a child(ren)  The benefit could be split between two parents if they are both tenure-track/tenured faculty at the College. The policy allows for a faculty member to choose from one of three options for a leave. Each leave is based on a semester schedule and assumes that the faculty member has a five-course teaching load. There are three options for the leave:

  1. A 2-course teaching reduction within the first two consecutive semesters at full pay
  2. A 3-course teaching reduction within the first two consecutive semesters at ¾ pay (during the relevant semesters)
  3. Two consecutive semesters off from teaching at ⅓ pay (during the relevant semesters)

In order to realize the benefit, the faculty member should meet with the Provost to choose an option for the leave, in consultation with the department/program chair. The College will provide funding for replacement courses for those that are vacated by the person on leave.

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Revised July 1998, Aug. 2009

Note: This policy was drafted with all employees, instructional and non-instructional alike, in mind.

If an employee’s child, spouse, parents, stepparents, sibling, mother or father-in law should die, the member can take up to five (5) working days off without loss of pay.

An employee may be absent for one day without the loss of pay when her or his grandparent or brother- or sister-in-law dies.

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